Cryolipolyse per zone


Lose fat in a painless, safe and quick way without needles, special diet, surgery or recovery time.
It is possible thanks to the Bodywizard cryolipolysis treatment.
The underlying adipose tissue in the treatment area is cooled very accurately by means of a non-invasive applicator, which does not affect the surface of the skin tissue. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, a natural removal process is set in motion and this will gradually make the layer of fat thinner. By reducing the number of fat cells, the result s a visible reduction of fat deposits

Connective tissue treatment

starting at €45

Anti Cellulite treatment (different possibilities available)

starting at €30

This treatment ensures that the skin becomes tighter and firmer again. The medical radio waves have a deep range in the skin. The tissue in the skin is heated, which improves blood flow and stimulates the production of collagen. Which provides a firming and rejuvenating effect. The best result is achieved after multiple treatments. We recommend series of 6 treatments.