Our Story

Fred Nieuwenhuijzen Senior opened his first Ladies and Gentlemen’s hair salon in The Hague on the corner of Boetzelerlaan and Sonnoystraatin 1925. This was just the beginning. In the following years, various salons followed through The Hague, among others in the Hoogstraat, on the Frederik Hendriklaan and on Scheveningen.

After the death of Fred N. Senior in 1965, Fred Nieuwenhuijzen junior took over the business. Fred Nieuwenhuijzen was now a well-known name in The Hague and Fred Junior continued this tradition. He has won many national and international prizes including The very prestigious Grand Gala de L’élégance la femme et la mieux parée van de club Artistrique de Paris (I.C.A.P.) He was also appointed Chevalier on the order of Intercoifure. Fred Junior is driven by a passion for the craft and is always looking for innovation.

Fred soon learned the powerful effect of natural beauty care. In 2000 he opened the first Aveda Lifestyle Salon in the Haagsche Bluf and the name Fred Nieuwenhuijzen hair was changed to L.S salon Aveda the Hague. Because of the international character of the brand and the great reputation among the many ex-pats in The Hague, the name became well known and it was nice on the palate.

In 2015 Aveda the Hague moved to the prestigious building at 56 Denneweg. Known by many residents of The Hague as the old movie house. With regard to this new location, extra attention was paid to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The interior of the AVEDA store is made of sustainable DECO Palm and, among other things, all the hot water is heated by solar energy. Currently Fred Nieuwenhuijzen junior is also still actively managing and training young talented hairdressers.

After all these years, the company is still run by the family. Quality, customer focus and attention are central to our philosophy and is taught to every member of our team during their training. We realize that real day makers cannot be taken for granted. We pay a lot of attention to educating and training our team so that they can carry out our mission and offer our guests the best experience of their day. We want to make a difference every day by listening to the wishes of our guests and paying attention to them, our employees and our environment. One Guest at a time.

– Fred Nieuwenhuijzen