After a thorough consultation your skin therapist will advise you the best combination of product, personalized Aveda aromas, proven ingredients, techniques and a tailored treatment that balances your skin and brings out your natural beauty. We distinguish between Skincare from AVEDA and Skin rejuvenation from IMAGE. Your skin therapist creates a comprehensive treatment plan based on your needs. To achieve the best results we recommend you to do a facial on a weekly or monthly basis.


Facials Details Price
Aveda or Image Signature Facial 60 min. €85,00
Aveda or Image Signature Facial 90 min. €125,00

Skin improvement Details Price
Carbon Laser peeling 60 min. €100,00
Bio-algen Peeling 60 min. €85,00
02 Lift Deluxe 60 min. €85,00
Microdermabrasion 60 min. €85,00
Dermapen 60 min. €150,00
Hifu (price starts at) 60 min. €150,00
Aveda Plant Peel 30 min. €75,00
Skin analysis €25,00

Body treatments Details Price
Massage 45 45 min. €60,00
Massage 60 45 min. €85,00
Massage 90 45 min. €110,00
Aveda full body polish & massage €110,00
Relax & Glow treatment €75,00

Slimming & Anti Cellulite Details Price
Cryolipolyse per zone €98,00
Connective tissue treatment* €45,00
Anti Cellulite treatment (different possibilities available)* €30,00
*price starts at

Slimming & Anti Cellulite Details Price
Hamam 6o 60 min. €100,00
Hamam 9o 90 min. €125,00

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